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RASANT POWERGRIP sets new limits


In the June issue of the German TISCHTENNIS magazine Rasant POWERGRIP has accomplished test results that have never been evaluated before in an objective testing. We are happy that our hard work in the whole RASANT line has been appreciated and would like to share the article and also a review of TableTennisDaily with you:

RASANT POWERGRIP has accomplished the best results of bygone years.
Certain amount of technical skills are necessary requirements to get the maximum out of the rubber.

andro has outdone itself with the RASANT POWERGRIP. Not long ago RASANT TURBO and RASANT had already achieved very good results. RASANT POWERGRIP sets new standards – a score of 92 points has never been reached in the reader’s feedback in recent years for any rubber in any category. RASANT POWERGRIP accomplished this three times: Tempo (93,45), Grip (93,86) and Effectiveness for topspin-play (94,77).
"For me this is the best andro rubber ever produced", former fourth league player Markus Born (TuS Halver / District League) points out.




Speed                                                   93,45
Grip                                                       93,86
Control                                                 87,09
Suitability for top-spin play               94,77
Suitability for block/counter              89,31
Suitability for chop                              87,18
Suitability for service                          91,95
Price-perfomance ratio                     82,27

38 tt-readers have evaluated with scores between 0 and 100.
The best and worst evaluations have been deleted and an average has been calculated out of the remaining.

Close to the table or half-distanced - RASANT POWERGRIP is a spin-specialist

Evaluating a rubber better or worse, of course, depends on which game characteristics are most important from one’s subjective point of view. Focusing a modern, aggressive style with maximum offensive drive, RASANT POWERGRIP should be the rubber of choice. "The surface is perfectly suitable for aggressive spin-play and counter-topspins really work great", says league-player Björn Stelting (TTC Salmuenster). During the test the rubber demonstrated its ability close to the table as well as in half-distanced spin-gaming. Matthias Fekl (District League / VSG Kugelberg Weissenfels) reports that he had been able of spin-play over the table "with pressure and very fast". Matthias Menge (national league / TSV Reinbek) noticed: "Even against much backspin spinny and powerful topspin are possible". Dominik Meisel (Association League / TSV Nobitz) wrote that RASANT POWERGRIP reminds him of Chinese rubbers due to its hard and spinny surface. "Very suitable for top-spins close and away from the table", he concludes. RASANT POWERGRIP pushed some testers to their limits, who state that in order to play forceful balls you really need enormous power-input. For Björn Heibing, Product Manager at andro, this criticism is coherent: "The rubbers provides very large reserves due to its hardness. To activate the catapult effect and its full dynamics, the player needs a certain technique and acceleration". andro therefore recommends this rubber particularly to technically well-trained players of middle and higher levels. The test has mainly been run with middle and upward players. However, some noticed that RASANT POWERGRIP does not easily forgive technical flaws "The block caused me problems and the ball often jumped across - probably because of the high grip," said Martin Lutz (District League / TSV Stockheim). While Lutz still wants to continue playing with RASANT POWERGRIP, some others decided against it because the rubber is just too fast.

Thanks to the extreme grip: This rubber has huge spin potential

Most testers managed to control RASANT POWERGRIP well. In addition to the above mentioned the average values ​​in the categories of control (87,09), block/counter (89,31) and chop (87,18) are remarkably good for an offensive rubber. League-player Niklas Beliav (SSV Neuhaus) mentions another not unimportant point: "The high grip provides many advantages at service- and return-gaming". In average, testers evaluated the rubber with a score of 91,95 points in the category of suitability for service-gaming. "Even with short movements you can generate a lot of rotation," Björn Helbing pledges. Of course, for many the price of € 47.95 is too high, but besides that the overall assessment of the price-performance ratio (82.27) is better than those of rubbers in similar expensive price ranges which have been tested in the former issues. The willingness to pay a little more for good quality seems to be there. Tom Jossa (Youth-league player / SC Riesa) is convinced anyway: "The rubber is worth the price".

Source: TISCHTENNIS 06_2014 by Susanne Heuing

andro RASANT POWERGRIP is available in red and black. Thicknesses 1,7,1,9 and 2,1mm.
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